About me

My name is Jana and I am mom of a son Filip (time is going so fast! when I was writing these words he was 15 months old, now he is over 2 years). I am practicing contact parenting and I think breastfeeding is crucial in the early child development period.

I am an active person too. My day to day life is connected with sports activity the same way as it is with food and sleep. I am kind of “trying to be fitmom” J I have always practiced running and hiking, and I love time spent outside - in nature, in any weather conditions.

Idea of KOJO

When Filip was born, I started to carry him  in a baby-wrap. KOJO idea came up during one of my walks in nature with Filip wrapped to me. My baby was whining and I needed to breastfeed him. I found it too difficult to find and get the breast out of the tight, skinny, regular activewear I was wearing to make my newborn satisfied and calm.

This is where an idea for KOJO T-shirt came up. I started to think about combination of activewear made of perfect materials, for all kind of outdoor activities with the comfort of Tshirts designed specially for breastfeeding mothers- nursing activewear. Shop

I found an ecofriendly and sustainable family-owned  local company. This company, I am partnering with is developing and manufacturing their own synthetic and wool/merino fiber and whole production is based in Slovakia, Europe. Production process and used materials are guarantee of top quality of KOJO activewear.

Materials of KOJO nursing activewear

I had some hard times choosing the right material for KOJO too.  The basic idea was to have KOJO just from 100% natural material. But I was aware that not every mother skin will feel comfortable in 100% wool material. And there are advantages of synthetic fiber compared to wool. Finally this is what most of meets my expectations the most: Polypropylene, Modal and Merino wool. You can read about the attributes of them in “material” part on the webpage.Materials

And what to do with KOJO when your little precious is no more breastfed? Just wear it as a regular activewear Tshirt. It has the same features and is as comfortable as any high quality regular thermo - base layer.

If You order KOJO T-shirt You will get it in cute pouch with personal notice. The design of pouches and KOJO logo are results of my cooperation with very clever and creative designer from our town- thank You Žanet! :-) 

Future of KOJO

I am planning to extend the portfolio of KOJO products. The first novelty in my eshop is KOJO merino dress. Nursing dress made from 95% merino wool and 5% elastane. Thanks to this material combination the dress is very versatile and can be worn either in sporty or elegant style.  

As of January 2018 you can expect new merino t-shirts- in new attractive colors! Stay tuned

KOJO is my passion and it is for me big satisfaction to make everyday life for many moms and their babies easier. Breastfeeding is amazing and thanks to KOJO liberating. Thank you for your review on webpage or google.

I wish You wonderful and happy days with your children and many opportunities to live your active life:-)